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Nigerian Actress Explains Why She Will Never Let Her Daughter Listen To Celine Dion’s Music  

Nigerian actress Caroline Danjuma, who was recently challenged by Davido, calling her ‘gold digger’, revealed that the songs of music legend Celine Dion had spoiled her head when she was a young girl.


A beautiful fairy tale

According to the screen diva, while growing up, her head scrambled as she listened to Celine Dion’s music that made her believe that love was a fairy tale. However, reality has given him slaps.

She also revealed that her daughter would not listen to Celine Dion’s music, but rather the songs of Beyonce and Cardi B.


She has on her account instagram written:  “My head was defiled like a girl thinking that love was really a beautiful fairy tale because of Celine Dion … until the reality gives me a dirty slap. My daughter does not listen to this .. Cardi B, Beyonce Where are you?

Nigerian actress explains why she will never let her daughter listen to Celine Dion's music

Love disappointment

Note that the actress was married to a Nigerian billionaire, unfortunately the couple divorced just a few years later. Also, his ex boyfriend named Tagbo has died. Indeed, he died while partying with Davido and his staff last year. This prompted the actress to accuse Davido of being at the origin of his death.


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