Nigeria: What Goes On In Nollywood Is ‘Dark’ And ‘Spiritual’ – Iyabo Ojo

Nigerian actress Alice Iyabo Ojo has stated that what goes on in the Nigerian film industry, commonly referred to as Nollywood is dark and spiritual.

This is coming after an Instagram blogger, Gistloverupdate, had alleged that Ojo’s perceived shade at her colleague Fathia Balogun is because the latter had snatched her lover who the blogger also claimed is responsible for sponsoring Balogun’s birthday.

Iyabo Ojo, however, took to her Instagram page to debunk the claim;

“The Last thing i Alice Iyabo Ojo will ever ever do is fight any woman bcos of any married or single man …. ko Jor. God forbid gistlover o por ooooo ……. worst scenario I will just ignore you ni……”

In the same post, Ojo stated that there is more to the story and that what is going in the Nigerian film industry is more than what the public knows.

Ojo implied that some actors in the industry are fetish. This, she claimed has been going on since the days of Hurbert Ogunde (10 July 1916 – 4 April 1990), the Nigerian actor, playwright, and musician who founded the first contemporary professional theatrical company in Nigeria. Ogunde has been described as the father of Nigerian theatre, or the father of contemporary Yoruba theatre.


“What goes on in our industry is beyond all that gist you write oooo, is beyond what you can ever comprehend hmmmmm o deep gan, o dark gan, o spiritual gan ni ooo, o dey tun loud gan ni ooo…. it has been in the days of pa Ogunde & it will remain forever & you can never be prepared. But as e dey hot I dey ready.”

Oluwatoyin Alausa, an actress commented on Ojo’s post saying that:

“I Like the “o Spiritual gan ni ooo” part .. 😂😂😂🙌.. Ahhhh the spiritual rules the physical 🙅”

To which Ojo replied, “you know as e dey go 🤣🤣🤣“.

Iyabo Ojo had earlier thrown subliminal shades at an unnamed person in a now-deleted Instagram post. Ojo accused the person of betraying her. Social media users were quick to link the rants to Fathia Balogun.

“You never cease to amaze me & I’m not surprised bcos you remain number one agbaya in Nollywood … no self-respect @ all, you envy the younger ones and pretend to Love the ones that you benefit from somehow but at the end you still anit loyal o ku ku si ma tun te bo ni be ni ishhhhhhhhhhh, After all, I did for you 2 years ago to celebrate your bday in Turkey, you still snitched on me giving media fake news that I was in coma for 3 days! you wish 😆😁😄😃😃 bcos you knew about my surgery, I knew you hoped & prayed I died.

“That’s why you never came to see me afterward but guess what my God pass you, he is mighter than you, my God disappointed you & your team 🤣🤣 . I’m still living girl 🤪😜😛 You are a Witch!! Yes O!! O gba enu ni but guess what I’m that lioness who will always come out victorious no matter how hard you try to pull me down or destroy my name spiritually….. Darkness & Light can never be on the same page & I make bold to say you are a terrible person …….. Back off witch 🧙‍♀ 🧙‍♀ 🧙‍♀ Enjoy your birthday @islandlounge7 remember I named it 👌😜 #nononsen #2020zerotolerance”.


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