Nigeria vs South Africa: The Battle For African Supremacy

This week South Africa’s President Jacob Zuma visited Nigeria and stressed that Africa’s two economic giants could work together. Relations have been fraught, not helped by South African deaths in a Nigerian pastor’s building and a $5bn Nigerian fine for a South African phone company.
The view of Nigerians by South Africans can be described as a form of sibling rivalry, at best. South Africans generally see Nigerians as having a chip on their shoulder along with an over-confidence tinged with a bit of arrogance. Each time there’s a so-called 419 email scam involving strangers offering millions of dollars in exchange for banking details, locals here tend to blame it on the Nigerians. That’s even if there is no evidence of which country the scam originates from. Stereotypically, problems such as organised crime – including drug lords and prostitution rings – are seen as a Nigerian import. The current deadlock between South African telecoms giant company MTN and Nigerian authorities about the $5bn (£3.5bn) fine imposed by Nigeria sits comfortably amongst many other squabbles. I think South Africans have never honestly accepted being leap-frogged by Nigeria to the number one spot as Africa’s largest economy.
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