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Nigeria: This is Why Single Women Have Trouble Renting a House

In Nigeria, most tenants refuse to rent their homes to single women and the reasons were revealed in a BBC survey.

According to the BBC, the main reason house owners refuse to rent their houses to single women is because they suspect they are “prostitutes”.

Therefore, when a single person who wants to rent a house, she must be accompanied by her husband or her fiancé otherwise she will have difficulty finding an apartment.

This is the case of Olufunmilola Ogungbile, 30, who moved to Lagos after getting a good job in the Ogun State Government as a Project Administrator. This successful career woman never thought of sleeping on a friend’s couch after five months searching for an apartment in the city of Abeokuta in southwestern Nigeria.

“The first question the owner asked me is whether I am married?” Of course Olufunmilola Ogungbile did not hide his marital status.

“I said no” and he continued “Why?”

She was puzzled by all these questions, just for an apartment that she can afford to rent without worries.


“What does my marital status have to do with my housing?”

Continuing she argues:

“Ninety-nine percent of the owners I met did not want to rent their apartments because I’m single,” she told the BBC.

“Most homeowners and agents would often tell me” can you bring your boyfriend or your husband? “In these types of apartments, we do not like men who walk by all the time. We just want decent people. “

“In this part of the world, if you are not married, you are a prostitute,” she added.

House owner Coleman Nwafor explained to the BBC the reason for this discrimination: 
“Most single women are under the responsibility of their parents or a lover. You can never say what will happen after the first year. And every tenant wants a tenant who will pay without stress and will renew his contract once he expires. ” 
” Most single women do not work. There are more jobs for men than for women in Nigeria. It’s like that.”


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