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Nigeria Set To Export 400 Locally Manufactured Vehicles To Mali!!

The Nigerian automotive manufacturing company, Innoson Motors, will export locally made cars to Mali. Nigerian businessman Yara Abdulsalam said a local motor vehicle manufacturing company has signed a memorandum of understanding with a Malian company to export 400 locally manufactured vehicles to Mali.

Abdulsalam made the announcement Friday in Abuja, when he headed a delegation of businessmen from Mali to visit Nigerian Foreign Minister Geoffrey Onyeama.

He said that during the week, Innoson Motors signed a memorandum of understanding with Taxi Plus VIP, a transportation company based in Mali for expanding its transportation activities in that country. He also explained that the development was the result of the exhibition “Made-in-Nigeria products” held in Bamako in 2016. He also argues that the exhibition was facilitated by Ginco Group, a Nigerian company based in Mali to show The economic potential of Nigeria. ”  Mali is the center of the francophone countries and is limited to eight countries. “If the MoU materializes, it will positively affect all other countries and increase foreign direct investment in Nigeria .”


In his remarks, Geoffrey Onyeama welcomed the development and described it as “the beginning of the industrial revolution in Nigeria”. He said it was a good partnership that would improve job creation and reduce the unemployment rate that drives young people to embark on dangerous adventures in Europe in search of greener pastures.


 The longest journey must go from somewhere. “What you are doing is an important contribution to Africa, because it is trade between us. What I find so interesting is that we are negotiating in high technology with the export of automobiles and buses. “As we now lay the foundations, heaven is the limit for Africa; That means we broke that glass ceiling that holds us back, “he said.

Onyeama congratulated the Nigerian embassy in Mali for institutional support to the MoU. “This is what the ministry wants Nigerian embassies around the world; Ie to promote trade relations “.


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