Nigeria Recovers $321 million Diverted By Former President And Dictator, Sani Abacha

Negotiations with the Swiss authorities for the repatriation of money allegedly misappropriated by former President Sani Abacha have been satisfactory. That’s what the Nigerian Minister of Justice announced last Thursday in front of the local press.

About $ 321 million will be repatriated to Nigeria. The Minister of Justice also said that negotiations between Nigeria and Switzerland for the repatriation of the said sum were conclusive. All that remains is to repatriate the funds.

According to the minister, Nigeria had managed to recover 85 million dollars embezzled and housed in accounts in the United Kingdom in the context of the Malabu case. A financial scandal considered one of the biggest cases of corruption in Nigeria’s oil industry.


According to surveys conducted in Nigeria and Italy, the $ 1.1 billion to be paid to the government by international oil companies in 2006 has never been included in the national accounts.

As a result, investigators called on the international community to implement the measures discussed and adopted at the London Anti-Corruption Summit in May 2016.

The authorities of Nigeria are more determined than ever to support the return of stolen goods. At the same time, they urge the international community to improve the process of return of property by making it faster to enable Nigeria to achieve the goals of sustainable development.

President Muhammadu Buhari is repatriating money diverted by former leaders, largely spent in the United States and the United Kingdom since he took office in 2015.


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