Nigeria: Preying from Paris: Miss Anambra 2015 Chidinma Okeke, Cucumbers and Other Room!

Nigeria- Last week, a lesbian se*x Video of two girls hit the internet and quickly went viral. The girls were identified as Queen Chidinma Okeke, representing Anambra State from Orumba North, who was crowned the winner of the Miss Anambra 2015 competition, and her friend, Adaobi Nzekwe.

On Chidinma Okeke’s Cumbered Vagina Monologue!

I have been away from this page for a long time. I sincerely apologise. No one wrote to me to ask me what was wrong. That means that no one missed the column. I am worried, but here is the thing: Many things have happened in the past three weeks.

Chidinma Okeke was penetrating her roommate’s vagina with cucumber. There are music concerts everywhere in Lagos, yet, the city has no concert venue. Nigeria’s President, Buhari said something about his wife, Aisha: “She belongs to the kitchen, the living room and the other room.” Everything has been analysed. People’s attention was diverted with Chidinma Okeke’s sex tape. Now, Chidinma Okeke doesn’t need any more introduction. Once you Google her name, something tangible appears.

I will let Chidinma Okeke rest, but before I do, I want to ask a simple question: why would you film yourself having sex? Is it really important? I mean, look at me, I have had so many people message me trying to blackmail me without recording me having sex, then I now want to go and record myself, naked, fucking something! Wouldn’t be to just conclude that I am truly mad? Is it not sheer stupidity? How can you allow someone film something you know you won’t be making money from? Me, I don’t understand this whole rubbish. You know that it is easy to become famous in this era of New Media. I call it the New Media because, with just a splash, everyone will know you. For the most part, people have begun to recognise me for what I said about Things Fall Apart last time. I could walk into a restaurant to eat and someone will remind me that I said something about their greatest book, which they haven’t read. I am over flogging this Achebe issue, someone has told me. So, I am not going to talk about it.

I give Nigerians just two weeks and Chidinma Okeke’s Vagina Monologue will be over. More interesting things will happen.


On Nneka:


I have been spending quite some time now working on my new films: Ejima: Two Bodies, One Soul and my fictional feature, The Small People. Scripting, script conferencing and fund-raising. It is getting on well. Looks like I am on a right track. But also, I am bothered about the number of young people who approach me these days for help and advice. I think it is time I pay back what I have taken from the society… but, have I finished taking? I mean, I wasn’t able to do my column, because I have been horrendously busy, trying to sort my life. Somehow. It is a shame that sometimes I blank out and don’t even know what to say.

I had a meeting with Nneka just yesterday. Nneka is one of the reasons why I believe in humanity. She’s that person, whose fame has not blinded her to see through people. Each time I spend with her, I feel refreshed, a new energy pops out. It doesn’t matter where, Paris, Budapest, Lagos, Berlin, Amsterdam, I have followed her trajectory — attended her concerts in different countries and wished more artistes in Nigeria could work as hard as her, Asa and Seun Kuti. Or even as Pa Orlando Julius, who is still jumping from one city to another at his age. So many young people in the country where I was born, relax, smoke their brains out and drink what they can find and think of nothing to better their lives.

And then you meet Jack Yakubu Nkinzingabo, this young Rwandan photographer, whose story inspires as well. He is 22 years old, but he is making a mark in his world.

Oh well, I hear from young people in Nigeria and the usually say: “I need capital to start a business.” One thing they need to understand is that a dream is not a business. A dream is an idea which must be executed without money. They tell me I am a hypocrite for saying that, but the truth is that the world is not interested in your ideas. The world wants to see the finished product. Everyone has an idea, of course. Many people with great ideas have absconded in the past with financial supports rendered to them by angels, but then, who believes you when you haven’t done what the world can see?

Go out there. Work. Fail. Rise. Fall. Get depressed. Start again. Fail again. Don’t be afraid to be laughed at. They will come back and worship you when you have finally succeeded which MUST happen when you refuse to give up.



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