What A Shame! Nigeria Has No Electricity, Home-Refined Petroleum, No Good Roads & Infrastructure Says Donald Trump

Donald Trump, a front-line US presidential contender blast Nigeria for claiming being giant of Africa.

Among the highest producer of crude oil in Africa without nothing tangible to show for it. 56 years after independence, Nigerian leaders still can’t deliver “ordinary” electricity, water, home-refined petroleum products, transportation – road, rail, water and air – infrastructure.

Here’s a quote from Donald Trump, a front-line US presidential contender: “Look at African countries like Nigeria or Kenya for instance, those people are stealing from their own government and go to invest the money in foreign countries.

From the government to the opposition, they only qualify to be used as a case study whenever bad examples are required.



Donald Trump

Donald Trump


How do you trust even those who have run away to hide here in the United States, hiding behind education? I hear they abuse me in their blogs but I don’t care because even the internet they are using is ours and we can decide to switch it off from this side.

These are people who import everything including matchsticks. In my opinion, most of these African countries [like Nigeria] ought to be recolonized again for another 100 years because they know nothing about leadership and self-governance.”


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  1. Well done Trump. Tell them. Well a black man travels to the US, it’s testimony but when the US citizen comes to Africa, it’s be careful for ur life.

  2. The system is now world wide and we are still claiming best of africa can some one tell me are we kiding or joking or may be its is too much of greedy selfish money hungry politicianism

  3. Good said Mr. Trump. Nigeria is not the Giant of Africa, They are the Giant of Corruptions, the all evil politicials and they cannot bear fruit. At 56 years nothing can show for it, Shame to Nigeria, shame to the past leaders and shame to the present and so called Buhari and his followers fools. The world is watching just continuel gamballing yourselfs, God will soon strick you all, devil incanate. Your failure is so pronounce that it cannot be hiding from the world seeing. Shame Giant my foot

  4. Trump is brutally right and I pray he’ll make it straight to the White House. We train errand ones from outside says a Yoruba proverb! When we like ostrich bury our heads in sand we believe no one sees US !
    Rather than be patriotic. Our leaders play to the galleries and steal our common weal with un imaginable savagery

  5. Trump is very right. In Nigeria, people swallow their agony hoping to run away or death settles it. It is a shame.

      • Biafrans are worst people in nigeria because your stupid nigeria is unable to archive anything with the God-given Biafra resources after 50 years of murdering 3.6 million Biafrans because of oil and gas. Biafrans are worst people in nigeria but Nigeria shamelessly murder them because they want to leave your hopeless country call nigeria. If Biafrans are the worst people in nigeria why nigeria and nigerians shamelessly don’t want them to have their Biafra? Ignorant hopeless people.

  6. Well said Trump, it pains me to note that Nigerians, despite the much education that we have acquired, we still find it hard to identify lies on the lips of politicians we still let them opportunity to inflict untold hardship on us. Buhari, is not our saviour, not better than past leaders. He is sectoral, trabalistic and has come to reposition the north, of their perceived neglect. Nine months after, no road map for a positive change! ”What a fatal choice for Nigeria’s President.”

  7. It’s only in zoological republic of nigeria that ignorant, sorry and hapless opportunist and hungry zoo government apologists, freeloaders and beggers will comeout to tell us that there is a hope in hopelessness call nigeria floundering without vision and purpose giverned by rogues, cabals of hardened, violent, merciless, paranoid, incompetent, relentless, cow loving religious bigots, pedophiles. People believing in crushing, destroying, humiliating, jailing and killing their percieved opposition and adversaries for no just cause the moment they feel threatened. Nigeria is unable to show anything after 50 years they murdered millions of Because of oil and gas, it’s a shame. Glory be to God that the civilized world has determined that self-determination is an inalienable right, sooner or later this miserable, mismanaged, uncivilized, terrorist infested, fantastic corrupt nigeria floundering without vision and purpose, governed by rogue elements will go to dustbin of history and Biafra will be restored.

  8. If after several years under the colonial rule, Trump is still speaker about being subjected to colonialism for another 100 years, then, Trump might just be speaking against the colonial masters for their failures in Africa particular in Nigeria. How do we even trust him and his so called colonialism for another 100 years? What a criminal philosophical suggestion? Rubbish!!! Nonsense!!!

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