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Nigeria Meets Her Food Production Target Two Years Ahead of Schedule

NIGERIA has met her Millennium Development Goals (MDG) in food production by halving the number of hungry people in two years ahead of the scheduled 2015 deadline as agricultural output in the country has ballooned to 15m tonnes.   Currently the world’s sixth largest food producer, Nigeria is fortunate to have thousands of acres of arable land and subsequently the scope to expand agriculture significantly.



As part of the MGDs, Nigeria, like most other developing nations was set several targets with regards to production and the provision of infrastructure.   At the Millennium Summit in September 2000, world leaders adopted the United Nations Millennium Declaration, committing their countries to a new global partnership to reduce extreme poverty and setting out a series of time-bound targets, with a deadline of 2015 known as the Millennium Development Goals.

MDGs are the world’s time-bound and quantified targets for addressing extreme poverty in its many dimensions-income poverty, hunger, disease, lack of adequate shelter, and exclusion-while promoting gender equality, education, and environmental sustainability.   They also include basic human rights such as the rights of each person on the planet to health, education, shelter, and security. Although Nigeria is yet to meet the goals in all these other areas, she met and surpassed her food production targets.

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