Nigeria: Meet The Rich Kids Of Nigeria And Their Flamboyant Lifestyles [Pictures]

Naija’s rich kids are also flaunting too – new baby rides, bikini bods, private jetting

Son Of Billionaire Oil And Gas Mogul M-Daura Rahamaniy /Sokoto,Nigeria

Tobi Bakre – Lagos,Nigeria [Son of billionaire banker]

DOPE QUEEN – LAGOS NIGERIA [Daughter of multimillionaire oil mogul]


MARILYN EBELE – NIGERIA [Student…socialite…model]

SAADIQ OLAIFA – LAGOS, NIGERIA [Son to an oil and gas business mogul]

Mr Majek – Lagos,Nigeria [ A club boy in a prestigious University]

Pretty Mike – Lagos,Nigeria [Club Uno Chief…Young,Fresh and Rich]

BOYE KASALI -OGUN STATE, NIGERIA [Petro-Chemical Engineer doing big things]

SNEAKER BOY-LAGOS NIGERIA [Ceo Sneaker Boy Clothing]


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