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Nigeria Launches The First West African TGV

The high-speed train just launched by Nigeria will link Abuja to Kaduna in the north of the country. It is a Chinese bank that has granted a loan of 849 million dollars to the federal state. Obviously, Nigeria wants to make Rail an economic engine.


In northern Nigeria, precisely in Kaduna, in the Rigasa district, everything has changed since a railway station came out of the ground. This revolutionized the lives of the inhabitants of the region.


These are dozens of passengers who embark new wagons towards the economic capital Abuja. The crew travels in very comfortable conditions. The air conditioning, the TV screen and a bar in the VIP wagon allow passengers to feel comfortable during the trip, to relax in case of need.

The price of the train ticket is also lower than by road: 2,200 CFA francs in economy class against 3,500 in VIP class.

About 200,000 travelers already prefer this means of transport

The train travels 200 km in two hours time, much better than conventional Nigerian trains. Launched in July 2016, it is the first high-speed train in sub-Saharan Africa. However, the best guarantee of this train in relation to the road remains the guarantee of safety because some journeys are often connected in the region where the terrorist sect Boko Haram is very active.

There are often kidnappings orchestrated by heavily armed men. The road to Kaduna City is dangerous and slows down the economy with Boko Haram attacks.


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