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Nigeria Is The Most Corrupt Country In The World; According To This American Man

An American businessman made a shocking revelation about Nigeria. While visiting the country, Farooq Hashmi has experienced embarrassing situations. This led him to conclude that Nigeria is the most corrupt country in the world.

Hashmi shared on his Facebook account an experience he had with the officials of Muritala Mohammed airport in Lagos.


A Christmas present

“Wow – Nigeria and Pakistan are the two most corrupt countries in the world – NOOOOOOOOOOO! Nigeria is at the top of the list in a category of its own. Here are some experiences lived in just 15 minutes and a big part of our stay was as well. As we entered the airport to buy a ticket, security officers asked for “a Christmas present” to allow our friend to accompany me inside. After finally passing the security checks to go to the counter, I was told that I had to have the exact amount in US dollars to pay for a ticket because they do not give money.

“I then decide to go to a foreign exchange office to get $ 6 to complete the purchase of my ticket so I do not lose $ 94. On my way out, I meet a member of the airport staff and I ask where is the nearest office and a lady agrees to accompany me. I just ask her to tell me and she replies, “You do not want to give me anything? I laugh and I move away. Happy Holidays to all! – at Murtala Muhammed International Airport, he wrote.


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