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NIGERIA: High Rise Of Fire Arms Found With Civilians At Ports Raise Huge Alarm

A cutting edge security expert and ex British cop, Vince Onyekwelu, has said the current seizure of arms, particularly pump-activity rifles, by the Nigerian Customs Service, paints a troubling picture.

As for him, the circumstance could be ascribed to the poor administration of port specialist and port frameworks in Nigeria.

He kept up that the Nigerian Customs Service was not sufficiently prepared to check and effortlessly identify illicit weapons.

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Onyekwelu said this when he spoke about the interception and seizure by Customs of 2,671 pump-action rifles smuggled into the country between January and September this year during an appearance on Channels Television’s Politics Today with Seun Okinbaloye.

“Fundamentally, what it implies is that for these four dispatches of pump-activity (rifles) that were fortunately appropriated, quite possibly another 100 compartments of such weapons have experienced the nation,” he said

“Pump-activity is for the most part for individuals that need to have a remark themselves and their families at home since it has a major limit with regards to close-contact battle and, clearly, you don’t should be a pro in focusing on the grounds that it utilizes cartridges,” he said.


“What it tells me is that in Nigeria today, because of the poor management of our port authority, port systems, shotguns could be all over the Nigerian market; the fantastic AK-47, bullets, ammunition, grenades – there are so many dangerous weapons out there. So, I am very worried.”

He, however, appreciated the “hard work of the officers of the Nigerians Customs” who he said basically work with their bare hands and generate huge sums of money for the Federal Government year after year with little reward, equipment wise


“So, it is very worrisome that the Nigerian government could not buy the Nigerian Customs Service a simple vehicle inspection scanner. I am so surprised that in this 21st Century, a service like the Nigerian Customs Service would be working without technology supporting what their intelligence teams are doing.”

For him, a port like Tin-Can Island shouldn’t operate with one scanner; it should have at least three.

“There should be a scanner for every container leaving the port; that is number one. There should be a scanner for all the containers that are going into the port. So, we are talking about entry and exit scanners,” he said.

“Then, inside the port, you should have a mobile scanner system for on-the-point check. If there is any suspicion, you should be able to use that scanner to check the content of a container. So, they cannot even afford one when they need three.”

As a result, the security consultant believes the NCS is ill-equipped for their role.




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