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Nigeria: Government Orders Students To Own Farms Before College Graduation

The Nigerian Government believes that driving the Youths toward Agriculture is the best way to improve sustainability in Economy. Not everyone should sit and wait for Government to attend to their needs in the area if career. Since Africa has large expanse of land, then such should be put into good use


The Colleges of Agriculture were statutorily settled for rural advancement, and should be under the immediate supervision of the Ministry of Agriculture.

The Minister, Chief Audu Ogbeh as of late amid a meeting with the delegates of the three organizations in Abuja, reported that having diverted the concentration of the foundations to their unique command, they should be repositioned to prepare youthful era of innovatively based agriculturists.

Ogbeh who said that the legislature may not wipe out any of the non-agric subjects the colleges are as of now educating, yet guaranteed that consequently all understudies of the organizations must be prepared to add to the financial recuperation design of the present organization through enhancement into agribusiness, and must create and claim a homestead before graduation.

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“Now all undergraduates of the institutions must have a farm to qualify them for graduation. We do not forbid the teaching of electives like some accounting, business administration and so on, but only as subsidiaries.

“The main courses must be agriculture, agronomy, botany, animal husbandry, forestry, fishery, plant entomology, breeding, cattle breed improvement, agric engineering, veterinary medicine,” he said.


He said that the government is now trying to use academics to solve the problem of food security and will do that through innovations that are expected to come from these institutions.


The minister also stressed the need for the three universities to commence new colleges, like nutrition and medical science to take care of the innovations that are expected in the sector.

“Now to one innovation which we consider most strategic. We are aware that some of you branched off into human medicine. This is one area we will fully endorse and support but with an important and strategic modification. The faculties will now be called Colleges of Nutrition and Medical Sciences.

Sustenance is another territory as of now drawing in overall logical consideration. Ninety for each penny of human inabilities are supposedly traceable to what we eat or neglect to eat. As Hippocrates said as far back as 390BC, ‘let your sustenance be your medication and let your solution be your nourishment’,” he said.

“On the off chance that we focus on this, we may not exclusively be definitely diminishing our national wellbeing bill, yet in addition increasing present expectations of our right now bastard anticipation normal. What we develop the dirt, the utilization of full scale and smaller scale supplements; how we reap, store process, bundle and cook our dinners have all progressed toward becoming something deserving of profound scholastic examination. You, more than any other person, must make it your business as well as your enveloping enthusiasm” he noted.


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