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Nigeria Emerges Number One Producer Of Eggs In Africa

With its annual production of 11 billion eggs per annum, Nigeria is the highest producer of eggs in Africa.

Ayoola Oduntan, national president, Poultry Association of Nigeria (PAN), has said stating that the country is the fourth highest producer of chicken in Africa.

He said the poultry industry in Nigeria is a trillion naira business and there are opportunities in the industry, noting that Nigeria is positioned to be a net exporter of poultry products, but the government and the industry needs to work closely together to achieve this objective.

Oduntan made this submission while addressing newsmen in Lagos on the forthcoming Nigeria Poultry show 2016, which is billed to hold in Abeokuta on November 29 and 30.

Oduntan noted that the chicken illegally imported into this country is valued theoretically at N600-700 billion annually and that with the activities of the customs, which launched operation hawk descend, smuggling has reduced drastically.

“We are expecting the Customs Controller-General to even initiate even more initiatives like that. “What that means is that even if 50 percent of that business is retained in Nigeria that is a N300 or 400billion waiting to be tapped.

The national president said what makes the poultry value chain so special and critical for the survival and growth of Nigeria is because the industry is not in isolation.


He called on everyone to join the movement for the improvement of Nigeria, using the poultry industry as a sustainable vessel.

Citing an example of Brazil he said 30-40 years ago, Brazil was in a poor situation, adding that there is nothing Brazil is doing that Nigeria cannot do here.

“I have been there to see the magic that has made them what they are, I went round the country and nothing but commitment and tenacity of purpose is behind their success.

“Nigeria is the number one producers of eggs in Africa but then if you look at the number of eggs we are producing and look at our population you will realise that there is still so much room for improvement. There is no reason all of you here must not have poultry; we will still not have met the demands, the same thing for chicken we are number four in Africa,” he added.

Oduntan stated that the reason the industry has not grown to number one is because of the smuggling of chicken into the country, stressing that it has not allowed the industry to expand.

“So we find ourselves in a situation where we are always struggling with ‘orobo’ which we have shown, without any doubt is poisonous to us and our children. We grew up eating different types of chicken, these children are growing up from the day they start to chew chemical inside ‘orobo’ what future are we preparing for them, what health are we giving them?” he added.


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