Nigeria, Egypt and South Africa Listed Among World’s Most Powerful Economies By 2050

Price water house Coopers published rankings of 32 future power economies by 2050.
Nigeria, Egypt and South Africa were forecasted to be in 14th, 15th ,27th most powerful economies in the world respectively .
Now the report, takes into account the various nations’ projected gross domestic product by purchasing power parity.

It is projected that the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of Nigeria will be $1.79 trillion that of Australia and the Netherlands will be $1.66 and $1.08 trillion respectively. Going by this projection, Nigeria, currently in the longest recession in its history, will be the 21st most powerful economy in the world.

Nigeria-in-2030 economy

The PricewatershouseCoopers’s (PwC) report, which was published yesterday, is titled ‘The Long View: How Will the Global Economic Order Change by 2050?’


John Hawksworth, Chief Economist, PwC UK, who wrote the foreword to the report said the method for arriving at the conclusions was based on a rigorous modelling approach, which ‘‘focuses on the fundamental drivers of growth: demographics and productivity, which in turn is driven by technological progress and diffused through international trade and investment’’.

These were the same forces which made the United States ‘‘progress through the 19th and 20th century to become the largest economy in the world despite a civil war, various other conflicts with foreign powers, three presidential assassinations, and numerous economic and financial crises’’, Hawksworth said.


Egypt and South Africa are the other two African countries which made the PwC list of 32 countries ranked according their projected GDP. With a projected GDP of $2.04 trillion Egypt is 19th and South Africa is 30th, GDP $1.15 trillion.



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