Nicolas Sarkozy Makes Surprising Comments About France’s First Lady, Brigitte Macron!!

While it is almost certain that Brigitte Macron voted for her husband this year during the presidential election, it was unclear who she had given her voice in previous races at the Elysée. The answer was recently given by Nicolas Sarkozy.

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Indeed, Nicolas Sarkozy has recently made some confidences rave about Brigitte Macron. The latter would have obviously charmed Nicolas Sarkozy who now seems to prefer her husband. Flattered by his laudatory confidences, Sarkozy indeed praised Brigitte Macron, tackling his husband’s passage.


Is Nicolas Sarkozy more appreciative of Brigitte Macron than her husband?

Nicolas Sarkozy says that the latter had “always voted for him”. He places her even above her husband, Emmanuel Macron, the present tenant of the Elysee, whom he considers to lack “charisma”. “He does not have a great charisma, but she is very good. Moreover, she told me that she had always voted for me, “ assured Julien Fautrat’s former chairman on the microphone ( RTL ).

This July 5 dinner at the Élysée between Carla and Nicolas Sarkozy and Brigitte and Emmanuel Macron had fueled rumors about the relations between the two men.

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