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Nicolas Sarkozy in Custody: A Lawyer Registers His Anger Over “Favour” Enjoyed by Sarkozy

 ”  What is pretty amazing is that it is a custody interrupted during the night,” was surprised the criminal lawyer adding “in 35 years of professional practice, I have never seen that  ” This statement is from Eric Dupond-Moretti on BFMTV, a few days ago. His comments show his great astonishment after this very short period of custody of Sarkozy.

Dupond-Moretti was reacting to the detention of Nicolas Sarkozy which led to his indictment in the investigation into suspicion of financing his presidential campaign of 2007 by Libya Muammar Gaddafi. The lawyer then wonders why the former president was not heard as a witness like Brice Hortefeux cited in the same case. Since the use of the term custody does not refer to what has been found.


Asked whether we can consider Nicolas Sarkozy to flee, the lawyer replied in the negative but insists on the way in which took place custody:   ”  It’s quite singular, the custody ends in the evening, he goes home at night, and at night he can perhaps communicate with his relatives and we resume the next day?  ”

Me Eric Dupond-Moretti did not hide his astonishment at the decisions of the investigating judges, and especially the terms of the judicial review  of Nicolas Sarkozy: ”  Can we consider that Nicolas Sarkozy flee? I do not believe. And if he has things to say to different personalities, it’s been done for a long time .


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