Ngala People: What You Should Know About One Of The Toughest African Warrior Ethnic Groups


Ngala are group of people found in Kinshasa, Congo. Some of them can be found in Central Africa, South Sudan, Cameroon and Northern Gabon.

The Ngbele people are Bantu originating from Congo Kinshasa. Their direct neighbors include Ngbetu/Ngbeto (maNgbetu), Lika(maLika), Budu/Bodo(maBodo) and Ngoba/Boa(maNgboa). All belong to Ngala Bantu speaking groups. They use ‘ma’ when referring to a person or people. They are divided into small clans or sub-clans.


Little is known about Ngala people but what is known is that they are one of the strongest warriors in Africa. Ngala are divided into several ethnic groups which each of them formed its Kingdom large or small.

These Kingdoms were ruled by warlords and its governors (notable in Ngala) were also strong men in war. Their Kingdoms fought regularly with themselves and with neighbors to defend their territories.

As the way of life, Ngala people loved fighting. They considered death in battle to be natural. To die when not very old was meant somebody killed you mentally. The death of a child of unacceptable, one could even destroy an attire village for that because for Ngala people a child does not die.

Ngala people called themselves Nsomi which mean noble men (honors). They use panther as their symbol. Apart from being warriors, they are also traders and engineers. They made their own warships and weapons.


Ngala societies were extremely developed and elaborated in almost everything. For example, material arts, architect, clothing, defensive weapons etc just like other great ethnic groups in Africa.

According to Ngala people, Eurropean-ideologists have made their history to be known by spreading false information which does not define who they are.

Chief Teingu Nokondo was one of the chief of the city or village of mongomasi. these photos were taken in 1970-72 with his 36 wives by eliote elisofon. its name Nokondo means Leopard. Teingu died in 1999. the Ngbetu people (maNgbetu) a Bantu people located in the north central-east of Congo Zaire, they are part of the great family of the Ngala people (baNgala / maNgala).


Chief Teingu Nokondo 1970-72


Ngala warrior wearing teeth of panthers.
The Bodo / Budu man (from Ngala people) Congo DRC


The Bodo / Budu man (from Ngala) Congo DRC


The Bodo / Budu people (Ngala people) Congo DRC


Ngala woman


The madi /madyo /malo people, (Ngala people) Congo DR


This information was gathered directly from Ngala people by Entuna Wa-Bantu Ikomo to The African History.


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