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Neymar-Cavani Penalty Saga: The Brazilian Player Finally Breaks The Silence

Neymar would not be happy about the information spread by the media about his recent conflict with Edinson Cavani. He accused the media of inventing stories and talking about “things they have no idea”.

Following their dispute in the match against Lyon who had ignited the canvas, the Parisian site recently said that Cavani had received a proposal of one million euros by the PSG president, Nasser Al-Khelaifi, to let Neymar be the club’s penalty taker. An offer that the player would have refused.

In an interview after their 3-0 victory against Munich Bayern on Wednesday, Neymar came back on this unfortunate incident. He said that the media had published information that did not correspond to what actually happened.

“They (the journalists) invent many stories.” “They talk too much. They talk about things they have no idea. They try to get into our locker room and end up saying things that do not exist. ”


Neymar also revealed that Cavani and he had reached an agreement on how to handle the PSG penalties but refused to give more details.

“Everything has been decided and it remains in the locker room.”

For his part, Cavani stressed the importance for the PSG to treat everyone as “a family”.

“We are all different, we could all have different ways of living and seeing things. However, when we are on the pitch, we have to work as a family with the same goal of ensuring the team’s victory, “he told Mediaset Premium.

Neymar and Cavani celebrated together their goals against Bayern, a sign that they set aside their dispute. Both will play their next game against Bordeaux this Saturday.

Neymar-Cavani: the Brazilian player breaks the silence

Neymar-Cavani: the Brazilian player breaks the silence


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