New Threat: Paris Leaves Venezuela’s Maduro Until “Tonight” to “Organize Presidential Elections”

The ultimatum given by six European countries, including Germany and France, to the President of Venezuela is due to end on 3 February. Inflexible, Paris sent a new threat to Caracas.

“The ultimatum ends tonight. If, by this evening, Mr. [Venezuelan President] Maduro does not undertake to hold presidential elections, we will consider that Mr. Guaido [the opponent who proclaimed himself “interim president]” is legitimate for organize them in its place and we will consider it as the interim president until legitimate elections, “said Nathalie Loiseau, French Minister for European Affairs, on 3 February during the political program Le Grand Jury, organized jointly by the media French RTL, LCI and Le Figaro .Read also

On 26 January, six European countries (Germany, Spain, France, the Netherlands, Portugal, United Kingdom) had given Nicolas Maduro eight days to call a presidential election, failing which they would recognize Juan Guaido, pro-American opponent and President of the National Assembly, as leader of Venezuela to organize this election. The successor of Hugo Chavez began his second term in January, after his reelection.

The Venezuelan head of state told them that he strongly opposed a new presidential election, but no new parliamentary elections, knowing that the National Assembly has been controlled by the opposition since the 2015 elections.


An answer that hardly pleased the French minister. Accusing Nicolas Maduro to want to “get rid” of the Speaker of Parliament, also elected. “This answer is a joke, a tragic joke […] The election of Mr. Maduro last May was a joke, it was an election fiction,” said Nathalie Loiseau.

Will the “imperialists” wait until “2025”?

Nicolas Maduro does not intend to give in to the threats, while the demonstrations of his opponents but also of his followers succeed one another for several weeks in Venezuela. Faced with the ultimatum of the six European countries, he replied  : “We do not accept the ultimatums of anyone in the world, we do not accept blackmail. The presidential elections took place in Venezuela and if the imperialists want new elections, let them wait for 2025. “

Before France and Germany, it was the United States that first, followed by their loyal regional allies, recognized Juan Guaido as “acting president” of the country. It is indeed this title that the opponent had self-assigned January 23 at a rally of his supporters, minutes before the announcement of Donald Trump. While the Venezuelan army has since assured his support to the Venezuelan leader, this February 3, Donald Trump recalled that the military option remained on the table.


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