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New Study Shows ‘The Egyptian People of Antiquity Were Indeed Black’!!


Here is a very interesting comprehensive article on the true nature of the Egyptian people of antiquity; It was indeed black, as is proved by the dozens of photographs below. The historical facts are stubborn and prove that the Egyptian people were very black, unless they preferred the version of Goscinny and Uderzo in Asterix ! It is less serious at the scientific level but it pleases the children and the naive …


Joke apart: there are people who believe that the people of Antiquity is the same as today! That there have been no major changes after the Islamic futuhat, the invasions of the peoples of the North, the various modern Western colonizations, not to mention the Phoenicians. We have already spoken of these subjects, Shaykh Anta Diop, Of Theophile Obenga and of Pierre Rossi in the framework of a more accurate reading with the reality of human civilization since antiquity precisely.

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