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New Study Shows That Marriage Makes Men Grow Bigger – Expert Explains!

A recent British study has scientifically proven that men grow up after getting married. The study of 8,729 men was published in the journal Social Science and Medicine. She looked at the relationship between marriage, divorce, parenting and weight gain.

Specialists were based on changes in the body mass index (BMI) of participants. The BMI is a corpulence marker that is calculated by making the ratio of weight to height. The results speak for themselves. Men gain weight after they are married. It is rather in the years following the happy event that the kilos would settle, with an increasing increase in the BMI during the first three years, ” says Alsace. Fortunately, this increase decreases in the fourth year.


The panel included 90% married men, 30.5% men living with children under 19 years of age, 24.1% married couples, 12% divorced and 39% men whose spouse came from To have a child.

The study also revealed that not only marriage influences the weight of men but also divorce. Divorce leads to weight loss among men. However, the birth of a child would not make men fat.

Already in 2015, a study carried out in Germany by Basel scholars on 10 226 people from 9 European countries revealed a correlation between marriage and weight gain.


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