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New Study Shows 95% Of Men Who Wear Skinny Jeans Find Other Men Attractive!! (+Images)

Now 95% of you probably think we made all of this up but, truth is it’s been scientifically proven. Don’t we all just love the science of humans!


A study done in San Fransisco shows that 95% of men who wear skinny jeans find men who skinny jeans attractive. We thought opposites attract but, in this case it’s seems otherwise.


The study, which is led by Dr. Felipe Maybals from the Department of Psychology at the University ofSan Francisco, included 400 men whom were tested in a number of ways to come up with the 95% conclusion.

One method that was used was to show the men images of other men wearing skinny jeans. 380 of the 400 smiled at the images and said things like “those are cute jeans”.

Dr. Felipe shares that he believes that this has something to do with the jeans pushing up against the male genital area, making the male think that they have a huge d*ck.

The Dr also emailed rapper Jay Z to find out what he thinks about the study and his response to the matter was “Can’t wear skinny jeanscause my knots don’t fit.

So ladies, stop buying your boyfriends skinny jeans!




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