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New Study Debunks The Myth Of The ‘Absent Black Father’


“One of the most persistent statistical bludgeons of people who want to blame Black people for any injustice or inequity they encounter is this: According to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in 2013 in nearly 72 percent of births to non-Hispanic black women, the mothers were unmarried.”



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  1. What has happened to blacks as a whole is going down in history so we’re not sugar coating or diluting the truth anymore, please stop playing these games with our people’s minds as if they don’t already understand that they are a dying breed & frankly this dose not stem from an abundance of happily functioning black married couples. Allow your mind to imagine for a moment pure black love and how it could have changed what you see now going on in the black community, go back if you can’t picture it to the 30’s 40′ and probably even partially the 50’s and reminisce on when black men and black women actually found one another attractive and they wanted their homes and families stabilized. When the the issue’s was on jobs and the ability to be hired and then paid decently instead what we have now which is Trent and John professing their love for one another or women having to settle for the 15-20 year wait on when their man is released and hope with everything in them that’s he’s still sane when he gets out and that he isn’t hooked on anything and also that he hasn’t contracted anything and that he won’t be into moonlighting as a homosexual. This is our reality now so don’t give us this crap and treat us like we are too blind to understand and feel what we can clearly see and don’t preach to us about being racist because we feel it’s critical on focusing on self preservation. Black women have had numerous articles dropped with major attention given on why they can’t find and keep a man(Black Agenda Report website) and please spare us the speeches about why black men feel that black women are no longer attractive because of how fake they have become (if your going to insult them then at least provide them with solutions that they can apply to help them change) or loud and demanding, when what you don’t mention is all this plastic surgery that white women and other races have had as well… excuse me but is a fake ass all natural ? and I am beyond sick and tired on every time blacks try and focus on their own issues that plagues them as a race then here comes everyone else’s two cents as if they were asked for their opinion look issue’s that affect blacks are not issue’s that affects all other races and if they did statistics would confirm it but these people act as though they have now become afraid of letting blacks focus on black issue when they could simply stay out of it especially when they can see that it’s peaceful and women of other races also need to understand that just because your married to a black man it doesn’t make you black and no you are not a spokeswoman for black women or the black race and if you love your man then respect him by understanding that you cannot fight all his battles in life for him and that goes both ways it includes men of another race married to black women look their grown and they haven’t forgotten how to speak to black people without your input it won’t diminish their love or respect for you and if it dose that’s something you might need to have a serious talk about. If you want to really help black families, homes, and couples then begin as a black and black only because then we know that you can relate as a black by speaking truthfully on us and stop sugar coating our reality we have enough problems as it is and lies won’t help us solve them they are attempting this now what don’t you support them !

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