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New STI Outbreak In Africa!! Doctors Warn Against Doing Bl0w Jobs And L!cking As They Cause Spread Of The Virus

Doctors in South Africa have warned lovers not to use their mouths when engaging in activities with their lovers as they risk contracting the STI.

57 cases have been reported so far, 29 in South Africa and one in Tanzania and the remaining have been reported in Kenya. Non governmental organisations have predicted that the spread of the infection can reach that of HIV if no stringent measures are not taken to curb the spread.


South Africa Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi is reported to have sent a request to the Office of the President to compel him to declare the infection to be categorized as a serious concern that needs extra ordinary attention and resources to prevent its spread.

The cases have also shocked doctors in Kenya. Apparently there is no medication for the infection save for treatment for the wounds using traditional medicines. “The wounds cannot be healed. They eat into your mouth,” a doctor in South Africa told news agencies.

Doctors reveal that the virus causes incurable type of Gingivostomatitis (is an infection of the gums and mouth caused by herpes simplex virus type)


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