New Saudi Crown Prince: Israel Sends 18 Fighter Planes To Saudi Arabia To Protect The Wahhabi Kingdom!!


The new Saudi Crown Prince has equipped Israeli aircraft to prevent Ben Nayef from acting.

18 Israeli warplanes with two Gulfstream aircraft landed in Saudi Arabia to prevent any possible action by the sacked prince, Mohammed ben Nayef.

According to consistent sources, 18 Israeli warplanes, including F-15CD, F-16I F-16CD and two Gulfstream aircraft, two supply aircraft and two C-130 aircraft specialized in electronic warfare, landed in Arabia to counter any possible Of Mohammed ben Nayef.


King Salmane appointed yesterday Wednesday by decree his son Mohammed, new crown prince. Prince Mohammed ben Nayef was also ousted from his duties as Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior. Prince Abdel Aziz bin Saud Ben Nayef bin Abdel Aziz al-Saud, was appointed Minister of the Interior.

Under the royal decree, Mohammed ben Salmane was also appointed Deputy Prime Minister while retaining his duties as Minister of Defense.



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