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New Research Explains The True Cause Of Longevity In Humans

After surveying several hundred twins for twenty years and analyzing the change in their DNA, geneticists have come to the conclusion that lifespan is not hereditary. For these scientists, longevity depends more on the environment than on genes.

This is what the international group of geneticists has said. They also explained how  change in epigenetic regulation occurs in twins over time. One of the factors of human aging is the methylation of DNA. It is  an epigenetic process that leads to the modification of the DNA molecule without altering the nuclide sequence. For example, DNA preventing the development of atherosclerosis weakens with age while the one that causes neurodegenerative diseases becomes more active.


In the past, it was thought that these were inherited factors that were supposed to influence methylation. But as a result of the geneticists’ research, it was discovered that epigenetic regulation was actually determined by the environment.

Using the twin method, 385 volunteers with an average age of 69 years were sampled in Sweden. Their blood has been examined for 20 years. The researchers discovered many forms of methylation, none of which were related to hereditary factors. Methylation is differentiating more and more between twins over time.

According to geneticists, the results of the research show that human aging depends to a large extent on stochastic effects and environmental conditions. Therefore, you have to eat healthy and play sports to prolong the life.


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