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New Exclusive Revelation!! ‘The West Knew That Muammar Gaddafi Expected To Leave Power – French Expert!!

Gaddafi had made the decision to leave power, and it was no secret to anyone, reveals a French expert.

Muammar Gaddafi was ready to let go of power, said Robert Dulas, former special adviser in charge of Foreign Affairs to the Presidency of the Republic. With a 40-year experience in Africa, the latter headed a private security company during the military action in Libya.

“I personally met with Colonel Gaddafi and he was determined to let power,” he said in an interview with Rachel Marsden, which will soon be available on Sputnik’s website.

“The message was passed by saying that he was ready to leave power and he himself said” I am ready to turn myself into the Queen of England to inaugurate the chrysanthemums. ” .

Robert Dulas explains that Muammar Gaddafi wanted to remain an icon in his country, to leave during the six months that the power to his son waiting to prepare transparent, democratic elections.

“I asked him if he was willing to communicate on that. He said yes. And Delphine Minoui, who worked at the time for Le Figaro, for the New York Times and for TFI, joined me in Tripoli and I introduced him to the guide (of the Libyan revolution, note). So she interviewed him and in the end of the televised recording the guide said + I am ready to withdraw. The recording is over but the end of the recording has never been broadcast on the aerials, “he explains.


Asked why a military operation had been mounted to kidnap someone intending to leave, Dulas replied that Muammar Gaddafi himself did not understand the reasons for this sudden change in attitude and admitted That “the contact with our power (France, editor’s note) of the time was excellent: he came to plant his tent in the gardens of the Elysee”, but “a few months later he did not understand why this attitude”.

Robert Dulas thinks there were certainly things that bore the government at the time. “It is no coincidence that the judges today are trying to find out how the campaign was funded (Nicolas Sarkozy’s election campaign) and I think he has direct links with this operation. There are also definitely direct links with the oil wells in the Benghazi region that were of interest to the world. So disengaging Gaddafi opened the door to certain things and perhaps removed an embarrassing witness, “he concludes.

Robert Dulas is the author of the book “Mort pour la Francafrique”, which describes a mysterious incident in which one of his friends was “coldly executed”.
A revolt against leader Muammar Gaddafi broke out in Libya in mid-February 2011. The rebels formed a NATO-backed National Transition Council (NTC), which was involved in the conflict alongside the insurgents.

On 17 March, the UN Security Council passed a resolution allowing the use of force to establish a no-fly zone. After 42 years of power and 8 months of revolt, Colonel Gaddafi was captured and violently assassinated by insurgents near his hometown of Sirte on 20 October 2011.


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