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New Dating Couples Should Only See Six Times A Month- Experts Reveal Why

When you start dating someone new, it’s tempting to spend every second of the day with them.

And if you’re not with them, your phone is glued to your hand.

But according to experts, new couples should try to curb their enthusiasm by only seeing each other twice a week.

‘It’s important to stick to twice a week only so that you have plenty of time away from your new date to give your deepest feelings time to percolate up from your subconscious.

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These deep feelings are important because they will help you see any issues or problems with your new love interest’.

Seeing your new beau every day may intensify your feelings for them but there is a potential risk of experiencing emotions too soon.

‘While some couples may find that they can spend every night together in the very beginning and make it work, this is not a formula that will result in long-term romantic success for most,’ he writes in Psychology Today.

‘The problem with this dynamic is that seeing each other too frequently at the very beginning forges an illusion of intimacy and dependence, even though each person does know that it takes months – or even years – to truly get to know someone.’

But you know, every couple is different.

For some of us, seeing the other person twice a week wouldn’t be enough and could even cause feelings to fizzle out prematurely. Equally, there is something to be said for taking things steady and giving yourself a chance to work out exactly how you feel about the other person.

Relationships are all entirely subjective though.


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