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‘New Claim’!! Scientists Have Made A Second Skin You Could Use To Hide Wrinkles!! It’s Amazing….


A new claim by scientists point to the development of an invisible elastic film, being referred to as a ‘second skin’, that could be applied to ones skin to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and eye bags.

After a series of small trials of the second skin, Nature Materials reports that once the substance is applied, the formula dries to form a film that in essence, “mimics the properties of youthful skin”.

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It is currently being explored as a possibly commercial cosmetic product although the US scientists responsible attest that the so tagged ‘second skin’ could be used to deliver medicines or for sun protection. The scientists who are from Harvard Medical School and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have had the product tested on a handful of volunteers who had the formula applied to their forearms, legs and under-eye bags.

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The researchers accordingly reveal that the temporary film locks in moisture and helps boost skin elasticity. They performed several tests, including a recoil test where the skin was pinched and then released to see how long it takes to ping back into position.

This becomes a less common result as skin ages as it becomes less firm and less elastic, with this new invention however, the skin coated with the polymer proved to be more elastic and just visibly looking at it, it appeared less wrinkly, smoother and firmer.

In making the second skin, the scientists utilized molecules of silicone and oxygen as the building blocks forming a polysiloxane polymer. Despite being synthetic, it is designed to mimic real skin and provide a breathable, protective layer.

More studies are still needed as well as approval from regulators but the second skin has been described by its creators as being essentially invisible, able to be worn all day without causing irritation and can withstand things like sweat and rain. We just wonder if Africans will actually be willing to part with money to hide their wrinkles if or when this product actually scales its many tests.



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