New CAF President Ahmad Ahmad Investigating Hayatou’s Controversial Worldwide TV Rights Contract

According to the new president, experts are investigating the contract signed by the previous administration selling Caf’s worldwide TV rights from 2017 to 2028 to French media company Lagardere Sports for $1 billion.

Caf has been referred for prosecution in Egypt by that country’s competition authority in relation to the contract.

“The contract was signed by the previous Caf [administration]. Right now there are court proceedings against this contract‚” Ahmad said.

“We just got elected. I have now put the technical people to (work to) look into this contract. There are people who are specialised in TV and marketing to study this case about the contract.


“We took a decision after a discussion with the previous general-secretary (Hicham El Amrani)‚ and we did that just to protect the Confederation of African football if there is any wrongdoing.

“This is why the previous secretary-general left office‚ and we agreed to it.

“Now we are living in an environment where there must have transparency and democracy‚ and we have to ensure that the new Caf follows up on everything that is not along with transparency and democracy.

“This is why I’m waiting for analysis to come back to me before I take any decision.

“Everyone is completely agreed that it is not a good contract and not good for African football.

“Right now I can guarantee you that I will never sign any long contract regarding Caf.”


Written by How Africa

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