New Black Owned Grocery Store in North Baton Rouge, Louisiana

North Baton Rouge has seen over the past decade several grocery stores leave and none come in to replace it, so this store is a huge step in the right direction. With that step comes the responsibility of the community of north Baton Rouge to support this business and help it flourish. By doing so, the community says to businesses that they can sustain in an urban market.


The reality is that over 25,000 people a day drive past the location where the Save A Lot store is now opened. The potential is limitless, if we simply are willing to engage and spend at the store.


Photo by Tamara Williams director of photography for TRC.

As an African American business owner, I understand the difficulty of trying to grow a black owned business. It often comes with unique challenges, but a supportive consumer base changes all that. It also gives a great opportunity for the residents of north Baton Rouge and those who support economic development happening in north Baton Rouge to go by the Save A Lot store and do your shopping.



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