Neuroradiology Study: Wearing a Tie at Work Could Limit Your Thinking Skills

Maybe it’s time to drop formal dress codes and let people work in clothes they find comfortable. 
Think of what you could do more without the pain of wearing heels or having to sweat through a suit.

Some evidence to bring to your boss: According to a new report published in Neuroradiology, wearing a tie could limit the creative abilities of workers.

Wearing a tie is thought to tighten the veins in the neck and limit blood flow, which can slow brain processing and limit your thinking abilities.

Scientists at the University scanned the brains of 30 healthy young men, 15 of whom were asked to wear comfortable open collar shirts, and the 15 others who were asked to wear ties at a Windsor knot were felt a slight discomfort.

They found that the group wearing ties had 7.5% less blood flow in their brains. But before you go to the HRs and tell them that wearing a tie will kill you, it’s worth noting some important points about this study.


First, the sample size is tiny. A group of 30 men is not enough to generalize to the general public.

The researchers deliberately asked the men to wear their ties at a time of mild discomfort, which may not be the way the average man would wear theirs, although it may be a warning to not too much tie your tie.

The study also did not examine the real impact of reducing blood flow, such as analyzing people’s reaction times and decision-making skills.

While we know that reduced blood flow can reduce brain function, we do not know for sure whether the small reduction in blood flow caused by a tight link would actually have an effect.

So the results with a pinch of salt. But do not hesitate to present it to your boss if you make an anti-tie presentation.

If you feel uncomfortable because of your dress code, it’s hard to do the job to the best of your ability – so it’s really worthwhile for managers to adapt the rules of fashion to the needs of workers .


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