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Netflix Secures Female Kenyan Media Guru as Manager for International Originals

Sticking to its plan on diversity and inclusion of more original African movies, a promise Nelfix made sometimes late December last year when the company’s vice president of international originals, Erik Barmack, announced that it will commission series from Africa in 2019.

Following the many African movies that have been added to its never-ending list, many of which have gained global recognition, the company is now looking at appointing game changers in the African movie industry to lead their teams.

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Dorothy Ghettuba


On March 29, the number one online movie streaming service appointed celebrated Kenyan award-winning TV producer and Spielworks Media chief executive Dorothy Ghettuba as its manager for International Originals.

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Dorothy Ghettuba Photo: The Standard

As Netflix’s manager for International Originals, Dorothy Ghettuba will see to it that more African content will join the Netflix family and possibly lead her team in securing original African manuscripts for Netflix’s development.

Since the announcement, several fans have congratulated the Kenyan on her new role to which she has responded with positivity and gratitude.




The exciting news comes just a few days after Kenyan movie maker and director Wanuri Kahiu was handed a huge deal which would see her direct not one but two big screen Hollywood movies under Universal Studios and a drama series with Viola Davis.

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Dorothy Ghettuba.

With Africans now having an impact in the global entertainment scene, it seems African women are in a good lead and 2019 is turning out to be the year of the African woman.


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