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All You Need To Know About The Arrest Of Popular Congolese Singer, Koffi Olomide In Nairobi!!

The famous Congolese singer was arrested Friday in Nairobi after being shot in the afternoon gave a kick at one of her dancers on arrival at the airport.

The singer, 59, who was to give a concert in Nairobi, was arrested in front of television cameras outside the premises of a television station where he had to give an interview.

On an amateur video, widely reported and commented on social networks in Kenya, the singer is seen, which is just outside one of the terminals of the international airport of the Kenyan capital, head for one of its dancers.


He then struck him a kick in the stomach, she succeeds in starting to dampen a hand reflex, under the incredulous eyes of two Kenyan policemen including one intervenes.

In the evening, the National Commission on Gender and Equality issued a statement calling the Inspector General of the Kenyan police to investigate immediately.

The singer was taken to the airport police station and could be charged quickly, told AFP a police source.

In August 2012, the singer was sentenced to Kinshasa to three months suspended prison sentence for “intentional assault” against its producer.

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