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Natural Ways Of Treating Toothache And Tooth Infection? Home Remedies

Toothache usually occurs when the root of the tooth is irritated. The most common cause of toothache is tooth decay, damage or loss of teeth.

Pain can also occur after the removal of a certain tooth. While no one enjoys toothache, good news is that the pain and the infection can be facilitated naturally.

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If the cause of your toothache is an abscess or other infection, combine the use of:

1. Oregano oil topically and internally

2. Colloidal silver local, internal and for rinsing

3. Warm salt water for additional rinsing

4. Wild oregano oil

6. Put several wild oregano oil drops under the tongue. Let the oil acts for several minutes and then rinse with colloidal silver. Practice this procedure once on every hour.

7. Spit the colloidal silver, and then additionally swallow little bit of colloidal silver (up to 250 ml in one day).

8. Gently rub the colloidal silver in the area around your teeth.

9. After a few minutes, rub the oregano oil in the area around the gums.

10. Between washing with colloidal silver also rinse your oral cavity using pretty warm salt water (preferably sea salt) and still massage oil oregano on the gums.


Other natural remedies that can alleviate and cure toothache

 Ginger root

Other natural remedies that can ease

Take ginger root, cut a piece of it and remove its bark. Place the piece in the mouth on top of the affected tooth and bite down. The pain will settle after a short time. Keep the rest of the ginger in a container in the fridge and if necessary replace the piece in your mouth.

 Essential clove oil:

Get rid of the toothache with the help of essential clove oil. The aromatic chemical from the clove, called eugenol, kills bacteria and relieves pain. In order to apply the oil you will need to soak a cotton wool in it and use it for applying it on and around inflamed tooth. If necessary, repeat the procedure.

 Black cumin oil

 Take a teaspoon of black cumin oil (Nigella Sativa) and ½ a teaspoon of vinegar. Cook the mixture on fire. Let the resulting mixture cool and then use it for mouth rinsing in order to reduce inflammation and infection. Rinse on every two hours until the pain and swelling are gone.

Use cold compresses or other cold stuff (jar, bottle water) in order to relieve the annoying pain. When you have a toothache, use a cold compress on the outside. It will temporarily relieve pain, especially if you have trouble sleeping.

Note: If toothache worsens or lasts more than a few days, see a dentist immediately.


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