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NATO Summit: Tense Exchange Between Emmanuel Macron and Donald Trump

During the NATO summit on Wednesday (3 December), public exchanges between Donald Trump and Emmanuel Macron were particularly tense.

A Donald Trump who gets chewed by one of his counterparts? Certainly a first in history since the entry to the White House of the Democrat. In the United States, the tense exchange between Presidents Trump and Macron at the NATO summit was not without shock.

“The two leaders publicly displayed their differences on how to control the threat of terrorism and on a shared vision of NATO’s future ,  the New York Times reports  .

Trump is used to turn the shake handshake before diplomatic meetings into a mini press conference. He speaks freely, and usually says what he thinks, while his interlocutor does not say much, grimaces like Angela Merkel, sighs like the Japanese Abe, or looks at his shoes until it passes.

The exchange between the two leaders took a surreal turn when they began to address the ex-Daesh fighters from Europe held in Syria and Iraq – a highly controversial topic across the Atlantic.


Donald Trump said, in a very cavalier tone:  “You want some Daesh fighters? I can give you some. You can take all you want. “

The tense exchange continued on the same tone, notes the American channel  ABC  on Twitter. The French president has told his American counterpart:
“The absolute priority, because it is not over yet, is to eliminate Daesh. It’s not done yet. I’m sorry to tell you. There is always the fighters in this region. “ …. “It is true that there are foreign fighters coming from Europe but it is a tiny minority compared to the whole problem.”

But there is not only that. The most striking thing about NATO is when Macron spoke after Trump to prove that he had just been lying, accusing his predecessor Obama of inciting Turkey to buy weapons from Russia. Note that Trump did not dare to say to him in front of the cameras what he said a few hours earlier accusing the French president of being “very very treacherous”.

What potion did the French president eat before the rally? Can we not hope for a historic revenge of this scene by the new laughing stock of NATO?


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