Narcissism: 5 Signs The Woman You’re Dating Is Too Self-Centered

Narcissism simply means too much of self love and self centeredness, and a narcissistic woman is one who thinks about herself before others and acts as if the world revolves around her.

These traits can be difficult to detect at the beginning of a relationship, so if you feel yourself falling in love with a woman who appears to be too much in love with herself to love you back, then she’s a narcissistic woman.

Here are the 5 most common signs that she is a narcissist.

1. It’s all about her

She knows more, she knows better, she’s more interesting than you. In conversations when you talk to her, all of her chatter is about what she has done. If you begin to talk about yourself, she links back to something she’s done in her life so that the focus of the discussion again becomes all about her. She can’t talk about her life without dropping plenty of superlatives and turning every milestone into a bragging moment.

2. She craves attention

Although women like attention and admiration by nature, a narcissistic woman requires constant praise and approval. She needs all eyes to be on her and she will do almost anything to make sure she gets all the attention. She often seeks favorable treatment and raises her self-worth by devaluing the worth of others.

3. She shows feelings of grandiosity

She believes that she is special and that she deserves fame, fortune, success and happiness. She often overestimates her own attractiveness and focuses on displaying or flaunting her physical attributes. She has strong fantasies of power, perfect love and extreme beauty regarding herself, which makes her feel superior to others. Her Facebook page is an endless cascade of “selfies” made in front of a mirror and drenched in daily updates meant to inform the world (who doesn’t care) of her greatness.

4. She has a total lack of empathy

It’s impossible for her to even think of a situation from any point of view other than her own, and she doesn’t sympathize with anyone else–especially you. She never shows empathy for others, except when trying to get something for herself. She never understands your pain and even lacks common courtesy at times. She is convinced that others are envious and jealous of her, and has a hard time understanding why she can’t maintain long-term relationships with girlfriends or maintain romantic relationships.

5. She never admits to being wrong

She doesn’t take responsibility for her bad choices and often blames the world around her. She really doesn’t care about other people’s feelings. She tells you blatant lies, contradicting her own statements or observable facts and will defend her position no matter what. She constantly criticizes your opinions and abilities as a man and lover, and makes herself the knowledgeable authority in the relationship.

A women doesn’t need to have all 5 of these traits to make a lousy relationship partner. But if you can check off even a few of these characteristics, you should run for the hills at 70 mph!

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