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Naomi Campbell Reveals Her Affection For P. Diddy

On the occasion of the presentation of the calendar Pirelli 2018 in New York, Friday, November 10, the model Naomi Campbell and the rapper P. Diddy landed hand in hand. For this new edition of the most glamorous calendar in the world, the two big stars made a sensation on their arrival with their breathtaking outfit.

While Naomi Campbell  puts the world of fashion at its feet, P. Diddy for its part, has forever marked the music industry and in particular the hip-hop universe.

Naomi Campbell, 47, and P. Diddy, 48, have all agreed on the quality and beauty of their dress. The rapper landed with his best tuxedo while Naomi Campbell  illuminated the evening with her beautiful red dress.Both took some pictures for this new edition of the most glamorous calendar in the world.

Naomi Campbell reveals her affection for P. Diddy

Naomi Campbell also told the media why she chose to appear alongside P. Diddy the tycoon of American rap at this ceremony:  “I never know what will happen with Puff . It’s always something magical, I went to dinner with him a few weeks ago, and after dinner, we ended up in a recording studio with four groups of boy bands who auditioned, it was the talent the most incredible! I’m with him, I ride with him, I like his company, I like his behavior, I love his love for me and I love our friendship. “ Did she know our confreres  Entertainment . A special affection for the rapper that the mannequin does not hide.

Naomi Campbell reveals her affection for P. Diddy


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