Nancy Pelosi’s Daughter Hands Trump a Bottle of Water in the White House Without Anyone Checking; ‘It Wasn’t Contaminated’

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s daughter Alexandra handed President Donald Trump a water bottle in the White House without anyone checking it for potential contamination, according to a new book about the president.

trump water
trump water
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The daughter of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was able to hand over a bottle of water to President Donald Trump without having anyone check for contamination, according to a new book about the White House.

An excerpt from “A Very Stable Genius,” written by Washington Post journalists Philip Rucker and Carol Leonnig, highlighted a glaring security lapse in the White House that took place six weeks after Trump’s inauguration. The excerpt was published on Vanity Fair on Monday.

Alexandra Pelosi, the House Speaker’s daughter, had been directing the filming of a documentary inside the White House on March 1, 2017, when the president appeared, the book said.


Trump had asked for a bottle of water during filming, but in the absence of a staff member to give him one, Pelosi took out a bottle of Aquafina from her purse and handed it to him, the authors said.

To her shock, there were no checks or protocols, the book added.

“I’ve been to the White House,” she told Rucker and Leonnig. “There are always protocols. Here there were no rules, no protocol.”

“There’s so much wrong with the whole thing. I’m thinking, Isn’t there someone who’s supposed to guard what he’s eating and drinking?”

This incident appears to be another revelation of serious security lapses in the president’s entourage.

Earlier this month, a US Marine was charged with impersonating a law-enforcement officer and entering a zone located around a private terminal used for the president’s flights in Florida, Business Insider’s David Choi reported , citing court documents.

Last September, a 33-year-old Chinese national named Yujing Zhang was also convicted of trespassing on Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Florida while carrying electronic devices, passports and a thumb-drive.

Rucker and Leonnig’s book also details a July 2017 meeting in which Trump called top national-security officials “losers,” and “dopes and babies,” after they tried to teach him the basics of US diplomacy.


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