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Namibia’s first wind farm to be built next year

Namibia is set to harness its abundant renewable energy resources with another energy project which is on the cards. Innosun will next year construct Namibia’s first wind farm, which will provide 21 MW of power.

French wind company Innovent, through its subsidiary Innosun has revealed plans to construct Namibia’s first wind farm next year, which will generate 21 MW of power, according to reports.

Innosun project engineer, Alexandre Matton, revealed that Innosun is the first company to secure a power purchase agreement (PPA) with state utility NamPower and is “hopeful that the wind farm will be connected to the grid in the same year as construction,” Esi-Africa reported.

Recently, InnoSun inaugurated its 4,5 MW Omburu Solar Power Plant Photo: Insightnamibiamagazine


Namibia is set to harness its abundant renewable energy resources, and Matton observed that renewable energy sources have the potential to solely and adequately meet the country’s power needs.

“Namibia can be self-sufficient with the energy supply from those [renewable] energy sources,” Matton reportedly said.

In 2014, Innosun constructed Namibia’s first solar power station, built on a 16 hectare plot in Omburu. The solar initiative, the “first renewable energy project in Namibia implemented by an independent power producer” comprises of 33 000 solar panels and produces an output of 4.5 MW.

The power station is connected to the grid (Omburu Transmission Sub-Station) and provides enough electricity to supply 1 percent of Namibia’s total electricity consumption.

The Namibian government has lauded partnerships, which aim to bring reliable, renewable and environmentally-sound energy to its citizens.

Source: Esi-Africa


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