Namibia Makes Significant Progress In Treatment For TB

File Photo: A woman is given drugs for tuberculosis at the Keiskamma Trust treatment centre in the village of Hamburg. (Photo by Tina Stallard/Getty Images)

Namibia has achieved 86 percent treatment rate for tuberculosis (TB) and is doing reasonably well to remain within the internationally accepted levels, official from Ministry of Health and Social Services said on Wednesday.


Ministry of Health clinical mentor of TB and Leprosy Program, Nunurai Ruswa said Namibia is making significant progress in achieving the 90 percent treatment success rate enshrined by WHO and is also doing better than most countries in the Southern African Development Community.

Ruswa said Namibia is in a position where most of its TB cases have been treated.

“We have properly decentralized care for TB patience where we have made sure that most people that are suffering from TB are taking their treatment from home with support. We have also moved to make medication for TB and chronic illness available for longer periods,” he said.

Ruswa added that Namibia is currently finding ways of dealing with both the challenge of COVID-19 and TB.

“We are just unfortunate that at the same time that we are dealing with COVID-19 we had not come up with a complete plan for TB. However I must emphasize that treatment of TB in Namibia is administered free of charge,” he added.


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