Namibia: List Of Namibian Annual Music Awards (NAMAs) Nominees 2018

Suzy Eises and Sally Boss Madam have scored six nomination each for the 2018 Namibian Annual Music Awards (NAMAs).

R&B artist Chikune was nominated for five awards and falls short of joining the front runners for an all-female triple threat.

This year’s NAMAs received a record 978 entries of which 115 made the final cut. Some of the successful entries are Pan-African Artist of the Year nominees Davido (Nigeria), Mafikizolo (South Africa) and Winky D (Zimbabwe), among others.

The awards take place at The Dome in Swakopmund on 28 April.

Here is the full list of nominees:

Album of the Year

Chikune – Her
Effy – Given
Sally Boss Madam – My Black
Shaeto – Overdue
Suzy Eises – Suzy Eises
Best Male Artist of the Year

Effy – Given
Exit – Cum Laude
Kalux – Tuhafeni
KP Illest – Price Of Ambition
N.I.A – The Inspiration
Best Female Artist of the Year

Chikune – Her
Römi – 11:11
Sally Boss Madam – My Black
Suzy Eises – Suzy Eises
Taylor Jaye – 780 Reloaded
Best Duo/Group of the Year

Cool Under Pressure – Free Money
House Guru Gang – The Noise
One Blood – One Blood
Paradox – The Known Unknown Ii
PDK – Odikwa
Best Newcomer of the Year

Athawise – Elite Asylum
Cool Under Pressure – Free Money
Römi – 11:11
Salvador – Everything
Suzy Eises – Suzy Eises
Best Afrikaans

Doctor Peter H – ‘Hy Is Die Lig’
Harmonic Messengers – ‘Kom Na Die Kruis’
Priscilla The Namibian Dessert Queen – ‘Ronne Manne’
Reeziana – ‘Jammer’
S-Man and Dik Bones – ‘Manskap Lewe’
Best Afro Pop (Inclusive of Township Disco)

Chikune – ‘Pieces’
House Guru Gang – ‘Pressure’
One Blood – ‘Warakat_Ulalaa’
Pdk – ‘Onjema’
Suzy Eises – ‘Only You’ ft. DJ Maphorisa
Best Collaboration

Chikune – ‘Too Much Sauce’ ft. Nyashinski
Karlos Lokos – ‘Ondjira’ ft. Etjo
KP Illest – ‘Bang Bang’ ft The Dogg, Young T and Sam-E Lee Jones
Sally Boss Madam – ‘I Need You’ ft. KP Illest
Suzy Eises – ‘Only You’ ft. DJ Maphorisa
Best Damara Punch

Kalux – ‘Ra # Au’
Lorenda – ‘Sa !Gomsigu’
Michael Seraun !Owos-Oab – ‘Xun Ra I’
Oc Bulan – ‘Matits – Matis Ta Tsâ?’
Ou Stakes – ‘Bly In Jou Baan’
Best Gospel

Bradley Anthony – ‘Wangithathala’ ft. Irene Gaingob and Yolande Isaaks
Effy – ‘Halleluja’
My Ongoma – ‘He Loves Us’
N.I.A – ‘I Give My Life To You’ ft. Monique English
Rodney Seibeb – ‘Sadu /N ami’
Best House


Cool Under Pressure – ‘Pangaman’ ft. Mavis Braga and Sam-E Lee Jones
KP Illest – ‘If There Is Love’ ft. Nga-I
Suzy Eises – ‘Friday’
Taylor Jaye – ‘!Kho Te Re’ ft. Uhuru and DJ Clap
Waka – ‘Okupunduka’ ft. New Turn
Best Kwaito

Big Jay 2 – ‘Let Go’ ft. Bonesy (TKB)
Exit – ‘Oludalo Lange’
Magogoz – ‘Attitude’
Nyangaz – ‘Ava Vatota’
Young T – ‘Rockaz Ugu Anthem’ ft. Exit
Best Music Video

Gazza – ‘Abangani Bako’ ft. Emtee and Saudi
Gazza – ‘Up Up Away’ ft. Nyanda
Leather Mein – ‘You and Me’ ft. Lady May
Paradox – ‘Jive Zaak’
Tswazis – ‘!Eshee’
Best Oviritje

Bullet Ya Kaoko – ‘December’
Ouwa Uo Viritje – ‘Three Times Papa’ ft. MBM
Rax Kandjoze – ‘!Xoko’
Triple T – ‘Vevangapi’
Wild Dogs – ‘Uazakojao’
Best Producer

Araffath Muhuure – ‘Halleluja’ by Effy
Kallo On The Beat – ‘Tribute’ by Maszanga
Mbapeua Mbaundamuje – ‘Warakat_Ulalaa’ by One Blood
Ricardo Goagoseb – ‘Ode To Hip Hop’ by N.I.A
Sam-E Lee Jones – ‘Still In Love’ by Teqla
Best Rnb

Bradley Anthony – ‘Bwoy’
Chikune – ‘All In One’
Sally Boss Madam – ‘Ecstacy’
Salvador – ‘Lay It Down’
Shaeto – ‘Special Thing’ ft. Arlinda
Best Rap/Hip Hop

KP Illest – ‘Okay Okay’
Nga-I – ‘Kurama’
N.I.A – ‘Trying Times’ ft. Desmond
Paradox – ‘Jive Zaak’
Römi – ‘We Are Creations’
Best Reggae

Athawise – ‘Y Yo A Ti’
D-Naff – ‘Father God’
Lorenda – ‘Gangans’
OC Bulan – ‘Baby’
Rodney Seibeb – ‘Sida Tsina Ra Tsa Kha’
Best Single

Berthold – ‘Tot Daar’ ft. First Lady
Big Ben – ‘Numba Numba’
DJ Shoza – ‘Lombwelange’ ft. Tequila
Monique English – ‘Does She Know’
Teqla – ‘Still In Love’
Best Soukous/Kwasa

Lady Dyna – ‘Ndafulungana’ ft. Abigal and Justine
Maestro – ‘My Hustle’
PDK – ‘Shike Naana’ ft. Castro
Sally Boss Madam – ‘Fasuluka’
TKB – ‘Manterere’
Best Traditional

Dama Monique – ‘Kuna’ ft. Boom
Kalina – ‘Namibiab’
Maszanga – ‘Wedding Bells’
Michael Seraun !Owos-Oab – ‘//Kha /Kha Da Re’
Ou Stakes – ‘Khoen Xúna Xu ≠ Oa’
Song of the Year

Cool Under Pressure – ‘Pangaman’ ft. Mavis Braga and Sam-E Lee Jones
Gazza – ‘Swagga’
Nga-I – ‘Kurama’
One Blood – ‘Warakat_Ulalaa’
Sally Boss Madam – ‘What You Say’
Pan African Artist Of The Year

Davido – ‘Fall’
Distruction Boyz – ‘Omunye’
Mafikizolo – ‘Love Potion’
Sun El-Musician – ‘Akanamali’ ft. Samthing Soweto
Winky D – ‘Disappear’


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