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Namibia Has the World’s Largest Underground Lake and It is Not for the Faint-hearted [Photos]

Namibia is famous for its skeleton coast which the Bushmen of the Namib Desert called “The Land God Made in Anger” whilst Portuguese sailors referred to it as “The Gates of Hell”. It’s the only desert-specific population on the surface of the earth to house the black rhino; the fish river canyon; and the Himba Tribe.

There is also the undoubted fame it holds for being a destination for great wildlife and deserts, but that does not end the run of the amazing things this country boasts of.

Dragon’s Breath Cave

Was discovered in 1989 by the South African Speleological Association. It is located in the Kalahari Desert where a cavern, which slants slightly down for almost 5 meters, ending at a small choke, houses the beautiful view of the lake.

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Non-subglacial lake

It got its name from the moist air that is felt emanating from its entrance. This lake – the world’s largest non-subglacial lake, houses at least 16 invertebrate species such as the golden catfish, as well as the endemic amphipod Trogloleleupia dracospiritus and one bat, Hipposideros caffer, which also inhabit the cave.

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Photo: Namibia Tourism Board

Other two caves beautify Namibia: Ghuab Cave and Arnhem Cave, but they are not like the Dragon’s Breath Cave because of the ‘trouble’ a person has to go through in order to access it.

This natural wonder, which has an impressive area of almost two hectares and a depth that is still unknown but thought to be over 100 meters, is not one that people with faint hearts can easily access.

Undoubtedly beautiful, access to the cave and its vast lake, requires climbing ropes and going through various narrow tunnels and ledges followed by a drop from the roof of a vast cavern just to reach the surface of the water. That is a truly dangerous but exciting adventure that anyone looking to visit the place would have to prepare for.

The bottom of the Lake is yet to be explored.

An adventure caver exploring the mighty cave.
(Image via Africa Geographic)

For most parts, professional caving enthusiasts with all the right gear have been the only ones to be able to get through to it. However, if you are as adventurous as it gets, you are good to go with visiting this natural masterpiece.

Enjoy these photos!

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Image — The Scuba News

Beautiful Scenes

The Golden Catfish is among some of the species in the Dragon’s Breath Lake/Namibia Tourism
The entrance to the cave and the Lake/Namibia Tourism 
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Photo: ThisisAfrica

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