Nairobi, Kenya Bans Prostitution, Offenders To Be Charged With Felony

Nairobi County Assembly on Friday passed a motion prohibiting commercial sex in the City.

The motion was moved by the MCA for Woodley Kenyatta Golf Course ward, Mwangi Njihia, who argued that sex trade in the capital has become an open air business without consequences and therefore the city needs nip the vice in the bud.

“I am deeply concerned that this business is today happening rampantly and openly within our communities without repercussions on the offenders as provided for in law,” said Njihia.

The motion received overwhelming support from  Members of the Nairobi County Assembly who raised concerns on how palatial homes and restaurants have been turned into brothels.

They urged Governor Mike Sonko to “move with speed and robustly enforce the provisions of the law to deter commercial sex in the county.”

Nominated MCA Mellab Atema seconded the motion and asked the County Assembly to save Nairobi youth from the vice and diseases that come with it.


“We need to plan on how to get those involved in this business back to the society and rehabilitate them. However hard it may seem, we have to act,” said Atema.


The penal code  criminalises aspects of prostitution, stating that: “153(1) Every male person who knowingly lives wholly or in part on the earnings of prostitution or in any public place persistently solicits or importunes for immoral purposes, is guilty of a misdemeanor…”

It adds that: “(2) Every woman who knowingly lives wholly or in part on the earnings of prostitution, or who is proved to have, for the purpose of gain, exercised control, direction or influence over the movements of a prostitute in such a manner as to show that she is aiding, abetting or compelling her prostitution with any person, or generally, is guilty of a felony.”

It will now no longer be legal to commercialize sex in Nairobi, whether on the streets or in brothels


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