Naima Rahamatou Succeeds And Becomes The New Charming Ambassador Of The Perfume Island

1ST MAYOTTE Mayotte chose this young woman from Bouéni to be its ambassador for a year.

© Miss Mayotte Naima MADI MAHADALI, Miss Mayotte 2016

It is now the image of our island, the symbol of Mayotte beauty for women. The vote went to the last few minutes because the audience played the game.

Note that the Afro hairstyle has made a remarkable comeback in the election of Miss Mayotte 2016. A phenomenon to link perhaps with the identity movement that crosses Mayotte. It is also perhaps a response to the attacks Ramatou was the target last year.


Mayotte has again sent a nappy hair to Angela Davis to represent the national contest Miss France.Naïma Rahamatou succeeds and becomes the new charming ambassador of the perfume island.

Source: Mayotte 1st


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