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God Exists!: Mysterious Forest Of 400 Crooked Trees In Poland Is Still A Mystery For Scientists

This is the most definitive sign yet that God exists. Mother nature would not be crazy enough to make 400 bendy trees and put them all in the same wood… This is definitely the big man’s’ work. There’s a small grove of pine trees in West Pomerania, Poland, that has become famous – ever tree there has this strange twist at the base.

The trees were planted in 1930 in what was then Germany. All of them seem to have grown along the floor for some distance then suddenly shoot up at a 90 degree angle. No one is certain how or why the trees were bent, although there are a number of theories. They could have possibly been intentionally manipulated by humans, to create parts for furniture. Or bent during a particularly heavy snow fall. But I still think my theory is the most likely; God.

Their beauty is captured perfectly in the following photos by Kilian Schönberge. Check them out.





If you have any theories on what caused this curious phenomenon we’d love to hear them, because scientists don’t have a clue yet…


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  1. Don’t be an idiot. You see some bendy trees and try and use it to prove something COMPLETELY unrelated… You think people are going to see this and think- “oh great there’s all these crises in the world but the creator of said world is more interested in bending some trees for us to look at. Please! Don’t embarrass the argument FOR a creator with crap like this. Bendy trees ffs

    • Ah, a fellow reader who is also using their brain. Thank you for saving me the time and trouble of saying what I was about to say!

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