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“My Wife Has Access to my Bank Accounts for 60 Years,” Says Ugandan Billionaire Martin Aliker

The Ugandan billionaire businessman, Martin Aliker and his wife Camille, have been married for 60 years and their love is stronger than ever. According to the couple, the secret of their long and beautiful marriage is that they are not hiding anything.

When they talk about their achievements, they all recognize that everyone has been a great contributor to this success and that’s why they are able to withstand storms.

Martin Aliker recently celebrated his 90th birthday, but especially 60 years of marriage with his best half at their home in Gulu Town.


« Ma femme a accès à mes comptes bancaires depuis 60 ans », dixit un milliardaire ougandais

Aliker is usually a successful man. An accomplished businessman, dentist, former minister, presidential adviser to the Chancellor of Victoria University, he has served as chairman of several organizations, including Monitor Publications Ltd and Uganda Breweries Ltd.

Aliker explains that one of the reasons he has spent 60 happy years in marriage and continues to count the years is because he shares all his financial details with his wife and can withdraw any amount money from any of his bank accounts without consulting him.

“Our finances are the same. We do not have secret accounts. Camille can take money out of the bank, “Aliker told his guests. “If, for 60 years, she has not taken everything away, I do not think she will,” said Aliker, always full of humor, causing laughter.

For many couples, the question of financial details is a well-kept secret, but if the Alikers have been financially open to each other, that’s a lesson to remember.


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