My Home Is ‘Under Siege’ – Ugandan Presidential Candidate, Bobi Wine Cries Out


Uganda opposition presidential candidate Bobi Wine says the military has “taken control” of his house after they “jumped over the fence”.

Bobi Wine tweeted the news just hours after he alleged Thursday’s election was rigged, saying “every legal option is on the table” to challenge the official results.

“Some soldiers jumped into his compound and beat up his guards… some journalists who are there are also telling us that there is a huge presence of soldiers around his house,” said Al Jazeera’s Catherine Soi, reporting from Kampala, while confirming the news after talking to Bobi Wine.


Military officials told Al Jazeera that while there was an incident at Bobi Wine’s residence but it was not “the way Bobi Wine was explaining it”.

“It is not true that the people who jumped over [into his home] were security personnel but they were civilians,” deputy military spokesperson Deo Akiki told Al Jazeera.


“We do not know if they were his guests or not. But as security, we took interest and arrested this person,” he said, adding that one person was taken to the police station while the other two managed to escape.

Akiki said the large presence of security forces was “to monitor his security and ensure he is safe” since Bobi Wine was a presidential candidate.

Counting ongoing

On Friday, Uganda’s electoral commission said longtime President Yoweri Museveni leads Bobi Wine and other candidates in provisional results which Bobi Wine described as a “joke”.

With 49.1 percent of votes from Thursday’s ballot counted, Museveni won 3.9 million (62.7 percent), while main opposition candidate Bobi Wine had 1.4 million votes (29.3 percent), the electoral commission said just after 5pm (1400 GMT).

The next batch of results was due to be released at 9pm when a nationwide curfew in place since March due to the COVID-19 pandemic kicks in.

It says final results will be announced on Saturday afternoon.

Bobi Wine said he would provide evidence of pre-ticked ballots and other irregularities once internet access in Uganda is restored.

“We secured a comfortable victory,” Bobi Wine said. “I am very confident that we defeated the dictator by far.”

He was considering “peaceful and nonviolent protests” over the declared results and said “every legal option is on the table.”

Candidates can challenge election results at the Supreme Court.

Internet in the East African country remains inaccessible after the government cut it off on the eve of the elections.

On Tuesday, Museveni announced the suspension of social media networks and messaging services including Instagram, Twitter and WhatsApp in response to Facebook closing accounts linked to government officials the technology giant said were spreading misinformation.

Bobi Wine has been arrested multiple times on various charges, but never convicted. He says dozens of his party members have also been arrested.

He campaigned while wearing a bullet-proof vest, saying the feared for his life.


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